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UCosmic in the News

Banco Santander Increases Funding for SUNY Global Initiatives

Read this April 26, 2013 press release

Sovereign Bank through Santander Universities Provides Funding Boost to UCosmic®

Read this May 14, 2012 press release

SUNY joins UCosmic

From The Larmon, January 27, 2011. Read this article

Think Globally, Act Globally: The UCosmic Consortium

From, January 24, 2011. Read this article

Griffith's new global partners

From The Australian, January 18, 2011. Read this article

Consortium Wants to Help Universities Get a Clearer Picture of Their Global Partnerships

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, January 6, 2011. Read this article 

UCincinnati & SUNY Launch UCosmic® Consortium; College Board Joins

Open Source Software Will Enable Universities to Track Global Activity

Read this January 6, 2011 press release

U. of Cincinnati Builds a System to Track Its Place in the World

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, September 7, 2009. Read this article