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If you are a consortium member looking for the UCosmic Alpha site, please visit

Join the UCosmic Consortium

Joining the UCosmic® Consortium is a two-step process:   

  1. Fill out and submit one of our Enrollment Applications listed below. There are separate enrollment applications for academic institutions and non-academic organizations.
  2. Once the Enrollment Application is received, an invoice will be generated. Costs of membership can be found on the Membership Benefits page.

When the invoice is paid, your UCosmic membership will be active.

To complete step #2 above please download, complete, and return one of our enrollment forms. If you are an educational institution or a university system, download our form for institutions. If you are a foundation, association, government agency, or private company, download our form for non-institutions. Please be sure to download and complete the appropriate form depending on your membership type.

Once you have downloaded the form, open it using Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, a free copy can be downloaded from here. Simply follow the instructions in the form and enter the appropriate information. Unlike some PDF forms, you will be able to save changes you make to the form on your own computer. When it is complete and ready to be sent, click the "Submit Application by Email" button at the bottom of the second page. This will automatically generate an email with your PDF attached, addressed to the appropriate people at the consortium. Just send that email to complete the application process.

If your organization is not located in the US, please be sure to include your country code in any phone number fields. If you are unsure of the HDI level for your country, consult the UN HDI tables for 2007/8. If you have any questions about membership, please send them to Sally Crimmins Villela, Lori Thompson or Claudia Hernandez. Questions regarding billing should be addressed to, and technical inquiries should be addressed to Timothy Willis.

Thank you for your interest in UCosmic!