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Collaborative Software Development to Address Strategic Challenges in Higher Education: Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic®

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1st Annual UCosmic® Conference and Stakeholder's Meeting Recap
October 30-November 1, 2013

Collaborative Software Development to Address Strategic 
Challenges in Higher Education:

Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic®

Global higher education strategy is a priority, and without good information, strategy is impossible.
This one-day conference focused on an institutional ecosystem of inexpensive, open-source technology solutions to enable global strategy. This conference shared best practices among three cutting-edge, open-source, higher education consortia:
UCosmic® Consortium, VIVO, and Kuali.

Kuali, VIVO and UCosmic® discussed the in-depth evolution of each, where things stand, the way forward, and strengthening collaborative development in this new era. This one-day conference was conducted as an “in-the-round” plenary designed to maximize participation, with speakers from UCosmic®, VIVO and Kuali, and their participating institutions. The UCosmic® Consortium Stakeholder’s Meeting that followed this one-day conference included nuts-and-bolts discussions about development and implementation the UCosmic® approach at member institutions.

Agenda Recap: October 31st, 2013

9:30 - 10:50    Show and Tell: UCosmic®, VIVO, and Kuali

Speakers: Mitch Leventhal*, Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, State University of New York, Barry Walsh*, Strategic Advisor, Kuali Foundation, Jon Corson-Rikert*, Head of Information Technology Services, Mann Library, Cornell University

11:10 - 12:30    Consortia development, Decision-Making, and Governance Structures

Speakers: Hao Wang, Chief Information Officer, State University of New York, Eric Denna, Chief Information Officer, The University of Utah and Utah System of Higher Education, and Michele Kimpton*, Chief Executive Officer, DuraSpace

1:30 - 2:30    Privacy, Data and Software IP Policy, and Licensing 

Speakers: Eric Denna, Chief Information Officer, The University of Utah and Utah System of Higher Education, Tracy Beth Mitrano*, Director of Information Technology Policy, Cornell University, and Kingsley Osei*, Associate Counsel, State University of New York

2:30 - 3:30    Rolling Out Applications, Encouraging Adoption and Buy-in, and Vendor Relations

Speakers: Jennifer L. Foutty*, Executive Director, Kuali Foundation, Kiki Caruson*, Associate Professor, and Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation and Global Affairs, University of South Florida, Laurel Thomas, International Research and Global Engagement Manager, USF World, and William Barnett*, Co-Director, Translational Informatics, Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute

4:00 - 5:00    Inter-Consortia Collaboration

Speakers: Mitch Leventhal, Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, State University of New York, Jennifer Foutty, Executive Director, Kuali Foundation, and Dean Blackmar Krafft, Chief Technology Strategist and Director of IT, Cornell University Library

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To Join the UCosmic® Consortium: Membership Opportunities

Single Institution with less than 10,000 students $2,500
Single Institution with 10,000 students or more $5,000
Associations, Foundations & Government Agencies (worldwide) $7,500
System Integrators & Private Enterprise $10,000

Institutions from developing countries can join at reduced rates ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 per year.

For additional information, please contact Rebecca Smolar, UCosmic® Consortium Project Manager at or via phone at (212)-317-3566.

About Kuali

The Kuali Foundation partner institutions leverage resources and collaborate to build freely-available, high quality open source software for higher education. Software solutions address issues such as financials, research administration and compliance, HR/Payroll systems, student administration, library administration, and more. Kuali has nearly 75 educational, non-profit, and technology members.

About VIVO

VIVO is an open community, an information model, and an open source semantic web application supporting the advancement of research and scholarship by integrating and sharing information about researchers and scholars, their activities, and their outputs both within a single institution and across broad, distributed networks. There is a diverse set of activities associated with the VIVO project, across federal agencies, academic institutions, professional societies, and data providers, as well as a variety of efforts with the Semantic Web and ontology development communities.

About UCosmic®

The UCosmic® Consortium is an international open-source software initiative managed by the State University of New York (SUNY), in partnership with the University of Cincinnati (UC). The UCosmic® Consortium is the only convening of international experts and administrators that brings together senior international officers, institutional research leaders and IT professionals, to establish effective data standards and technical solutions focused on describing global engagements.